Amend or cancel your reservation
Amend or cancel your reservation

Until July31st the nights of the Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria will be illuminated by Extasis, an incredible immersive videomapping produced by Odd Agency. This performance overturns the role of technology, from a tool for isolation to a mean for each participant to access a collective trascendence experience, a real journey outside yourself, in contact with mystery and wonder, towards the very root of our existance.

Extasis will enchant viewers until August 28th 2022 : it is a 306° videomapping show newly edited in 4K, fully immersing the audience in a stricly virtual environment rich in visual and music stimuli, and light effects.

All hotel guests can access the show with a € 2,00 reduction on the ticket price (€ 8,00).

Each voucher, to be requested at the Front Desk, can be used by a whole group of guests checking-in at the ticket office before the start of each show (from Thursday to Sunday at 21,00 – 21,30 – 22,00 – 22,30), presenting also a valid hotel reservation.