389° Festino di Santa Rosalia

 The Festino di Santa Rosalia, the most important feast in Palermo tradition, culminates with the grand procession-show of 14 July. Dedicated to "future-makers" this year, the Festino is the most direct way to feel the soul of the city, and fall in love with it.

inner rosalia

From 1 to 15 July, the city embraces what Gaetano Basile, journalist and historian of local traditions, defines as a "immense and beautiful popular votive offering".

In between devotion and folklore, the Festino di Santa Rosalia attracts huge crowds of citizens and tourists, fascinated by the amazing procession-show of July 14, that year after year captures the audience with its dances, music, performances and the unfailing final fireworks. 

This 389° edition is dedicated to "future-makers" and offers an intense programme of concerts and exhibitions (http://www.festinodisantarosalia.it/389/).

The official website also features the mini-documentaries by Gaetano Basile on the history of the Festino and the blog Future Umanità (Future Humanities), telling stories of people who have a clear idea of the future and strive in the present to make it come true.  

W Palermo and W Santa Rosalia!

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