The HotelSphere invites you to the opening of AURA, the first solo exhibition by Simona Cavaglieri, curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo. AURA is a unique event, where different forms of art will live toghether, just for one night, in the Cavallerizza di Palazzo Sambuca, on May 15th, from 7.30 pm. The exhibition will continue in the following days at Hotel Principe di Villafranca.aura

The HotelSphere Events

The HotelSphere becomes the technical sponsor of Libreria Modusvivendi! Tuesday October 7 - Great event at the bookshop with Stefano Benni
For the Day of Contemporary Art, on October 5, The HotelSphere invites you to the opening of the exhibition D. 6/6 Positionen aus Düsseldorf, taking place at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Palermo, at 7pm.