Junior 105 – the Art Room

junior-105-art-room-souders-brea-allA Wunderkammer created through the works of young contemporary artists – this is the focus of Junior 105 – the Art Room, a series of site-specific exhibitions imagined to welcome and be welcomed by an ever-changing audience like the guests of a hotel room. Junior suite 105 at Hotel Principe di Villafranca, all throughout 2013, will continuosly renovate itself through the pictures and illustrations created for each event. Through a privileged contact with artworks, each guest will enjoy a unique stay, surrounded by the talent of young emerging national and international artists. The possibility of purchasing the mirabilia on exhibition, will also stimulate the growth and diffusion of private collections and the development of artistic talent. The room will be open to the public, upon invitation, only on the opening night of each exhibition, while the rest of the time the exhibition will be exclusively for the room guests, with the possibility to visit it upon reservations when the room is not booked, until the end of each event.

The HotelSphere Events

Christmas concerts, from classical music to bossa nova, taking place from December 26 to January 6.
The solo exhibition of the Palermitan artist is open in Museo Civico Castelbuono, while Hotel Principe di Villafranca, a member of The HotelSphere hotel group, main sponsor of the Museum, hosts a sculpture by the artist until January 9.