A taste for design

borsa-vitussi-palermoThree creatives from Palermo, three unique styles, on permanent exhibition for 2013 at Hotel Principe di Villafranca.

Mitzica Recycle, Vitussi and Marilita Borgese will take all guests on a tour through the island's creativity, made of traditions and innovation.

Essential shapes, strong colours, an architectural rigueur and the usage of unusual materials are the characteristics of Vitussi accessories.

Laces, macramé, crystals and stones are the matter of which are made the ethereal jewels by Marilita Borgese, alternating ancient traditions and a contemporary style.

Recycled materials of all sorts, from textile waste to bicycle tyres are the key elements for the accessories of Mitzica Recycle, entirely inspired to eco-chic.

The HotelSphere Events

Christmas concerts, from classical music to bossa nova, taking place from December 26 to January 6.
The solo exhibition of the Palermitan artist is open in Museo Civico Castelbuono, while Hotel Principe di Villafranca, a member of The HotelSphere hotel group, main sponsor of the Museum, hosts a sculpture by the artist until January 9.